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Our Process

Many of our pools have complex hydraulics and electrical systems, challenging structural requirements and complex deck designs. For even the simplest pool, our supervisers make sure the design is executed correctly and that every detail is considered. Our projects do not sit idle. We work closely with our exceptional subcontractor and supplier teams to budget and schedule work. da Vinci provides direction, issue resolution and quality control daily to manage the building process and collect feedback for continuous improvement. And everyone on our team takes personal pride in the finished product. da Vinci Pools and all sub-contractors are fully covered with liability insurance.

Of course we begin by having a consultation with a prospective homeowner/home builder at the proposed residence. Once a budget is established and the individuals desires and needs are addressed, we begin by crafting a design.

Pool Design

Every client receives a 3D colored unique design before we begin construction. This allows for our clients to make revisions and improvements as is seen necessary. Once agreed upon we begin the layout.


This is an exercise in marking the dimensions of the pool onto the proposed site area. This is a great way to see the outlines of the actual size and shape of the pool. Further, a final opportunity to adjust sizes and exact pool location before we actually break ground with excavation.


This is an exciting process of removing the earth and preparing the site for the pool construction.

Forming & Steel

This part is always a bit uneasy for the homeowner, because it is visually rough – steel beams and wood are put in place to prepare for the pouring of the concrete or gunite.

Electrical & Plumbing

Before the gunite is shot into the pool, we install all the plumbing and electrical; insuring that all plumbing is pressure tested and that the electrical is up to code (City & State standards).


This is very exciting to see. Usually this involves a large team of men that work diligently to create the tough inner shell of your new pool.


The decking is the area surrounding your pool. This can involve elaborate architectural features, such as outdoor fireplaces, covered patios, natural stone seating areas, fountains and water features.

Tile & Coping

Today pool construction has a tremendous selection of natural stone tiles, slates, ceramics, and mosaics. The pool coping (pool edge material) is usually crafted from natural limestone in Central Texas, but can be crafted from brick, cement, or an assortment of other materials.

Masonry & Stone

Our masons are very hard working and proud of their craft. We take great measures to monitor quality control during the installation process to assure it is built to last.


Plaster is a very difficult and fast process. It is blown onto the gunite and requires a very quick and hard working crew to smooth the surface to assure a beautiful finish. The pool is then filled with water immediately. The next week requires the homeowners to diligently “brush” the pool to ensure the smoothest surface possible. This step is critical and can’t be avoided. Please notify da Vinci Pools if you are unable to participate in this step of the process.

Start-up & Pool School

It is very common for the first time pool owner to feel overwhelmed by the initial start-up and maintenance of the pool. We provide every homeowner a complimentary Care Manual that explains in great detail how to easily care for the pool. Austin has many qualified pool maintenance companies and we are happy to recommend someone to service your pool or we will guide you through “pool school” on site to help you.

Continued Support & Service

Once we finish your pool, we don’t simply disappear. We encourage our clients to stay in touch and allow us to be a valuable resource for caring and enjoying their da Vinci Pools.

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Thank you so much for everything! The pool is more amazing than I have imagined and your service and guidance was top notch.

Tracy and Roger L.

I would build with them again in a heartbeat! We have had our pool for over a year now and absolutely love it. We loved working with Guido , with his ability to create incredible designs! Our pool was completed faster than estimated. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Lisa K

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